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What Digital Marketers can learn from Marcel Marceau

“‘Our UX Design will help you optimise the ROI on your DMI, blah blah blah’ ‘E-commerce is so 2013- Omnichannel vending is where it’s at now’ – he just kept spouting out marketing speak, before I had a chance to tell him what I wanted. I couldn’t wait for him to leave!”

Those were the words of a friend of ours who had just been on the receiving end of an enthusiastic pitch from an energetic young Digital Marketing Account Exec from an Agency.

We did remind him that ,once upon a time, we were all that young and over eager to “show what we know”!

Turning his chair around we pointed to the quote from Marcel Marceau that adorns our meeting room wall, which reads:

“It’s good to shut up sometimes”

As marketers, if we want to achieve effective results for our Clients, we all need to remember to listen to what our Clients want, and let those requirements take “centre stage”.


If you’re a potential Client who would like to work with a Digital Marketing Agency that listens to your requirements, we would love to hear from you. Click here to contact us in either Dublin or CorkĀ 

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