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Vive la difference!

Zone Digital CMO Colm Murray tells the story of a meeting he had almost 20 years ago with prospective clients for his marketing & design company CMB Design.

His meeting was with a new company who were talking about the seemingly crazy notion, at the time, of giving ovens free of charge to retailers, and selling them the dough with which to bake breads and pastries in-store.

It’s fair to say that this novel concept was greeted with raised eyebrows in certain quarters, but Colm really loved the concept, and believed in it’s potential to change the way this retail sector operated.

CMB Design won the account, and over the next number of years, worked to design a brand presence for this pioneering company, who saw a different way, a better way to do things.

Like them, we see a different way, a better way, of working in the Digital Marketing field.

They are Cuisine De France, we are Zone Digital.

Vive la Difference!


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